Restoring old family pictures is a natural extension of my love of photography. This portrait of my mother Celeste adorned our home as my brother, sister and I were growing up in suburban Philadelphia. The photographer was a great uncle of mine from Chicago who created the portrait on a visit to Philadelphia in 1924. Never framed, it was shoved into a photograph album and forgotten for years. When it was later discovered, it held a place of honor on the living room mantel. The photograph, which outlived my great uncle and my mother, captured a moment that is still with us today.


I love stories like this. They represent the power of photography. When clients bring in their old family pictures, I go to work removing scratches and water stains with the same TLC brought to restoring the picture of my mother. I reassemble broken pieces and bring back the beauty of the piece, capturing memories to live for decades. Take a tour of our restoration gallery to see what I have created for some clients. I would love to do the same for you.